Azerbaijan, the hot spot for many travelers from around the world, has ranked the first in the world for the easiest and fastest visa issuing process.

The British magazine Wanderlust included Azerbaijan in Top 5 countries with the easiest visa procedure.

“Until recently, Azerbaijan was a stalwart on the ‘Hardest visa to get’ list. Getting a visa to visit the country was a long and torturous process with no guarantee of success,” the magazine reports.

“Recently, the whole process of getting a visa to Azerbaijan was hugely simplified. After introduction of an electronic visa [ASAN Visa], this decision has become a real gift to the citizens of foreign countries who wish to visit Azerbaijan in different purposes.”

In 2016, the country applied “electronic visa”, making the process of obtaining correct entry documents cheaper and quicker. And now, it gets easier – foreigners will get e-visas just in three days.

Everything is done online and the visa is issued after only 2-4 days. The fees are significantly lower too. These days it costs a measly $20.

Today, citizens of 93 countries take advantage of ASAN Visa system. Electronic visa is a document for one entry, which determines the period of stay in the country up to 30 days.

Azerbaijan, situated on the Great Silk Road, and divided partially between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, blended the best from both cultures, forming its own unique rich culture, that’s why its people are neither totally Eastern, nor totally Western.

Mountains, forests, farmlands, coastal areas, rich natural resources and nine out of a possible eleven distinct climate zones from subtropical to alpine climates provide Azerbaijan with a broad range of natural environments that can be used to develop a range of tourism activities and to attract a diverse group of tourists.

But beyond its nature, which is key reason for the tourism, the people of Azerbaijan are wonderfully welcoming and hospitable.

The second place went to Cambodia after the transition to an electronic system of issuing visas, according to the British magazine.

Third place was taken by Sri Lanka, where the process of obtaining a visa takes no more than 24 hours and does not require an interview.

Sri Lanka is followed by Tajikistan, where an electronic visa application form was introduced last year. Now only a copy of the passport is required for obtaining permission to enter Tajikistan.

The last place in the TOP 5 countries with a simplified visa procedure takes Vietnam. The process of obtaining a visa to this country takes a maximum of three days and everything is done through an online system.