How is the status of women in Azerbaijan? Do all women have to wear scarves and cover their hair and/or face?

Although Islam is a widespread religion in Azerbaijan, very few people wear scarves or covers here. Generally, women wear normal clothes such as jeans, skirts, trousers, etc. Azerbaijan is a secular country with a lot of entertainment, and tasty dishes where people are very hospitable and tolerant.

Is local transport easy to use?

Baku has a good public transport system. You have a chance to choose the type of transportation – subway, trains, buses and taxis. These transports are clean and comfortable. There are signs and announcements in both English and Azerbaijan language.

Is public smoking prohibited in Baku?

Public smoking is also not banned in Baku city.

Is alcohol allowed in Baku?

Alcohol is always available in Baku. There is no any prohibition of consuming alcohol.

Is Azerbaijan a safe country?

Azerbaijan is in safety. While being here you will have no any fear of crime or violence or any kind of badness. Instead of this you will have a chance to meet with hospitable people.

I don’t know Azerbaijan language, which difficulties can I have in Baku?

With Baku Rent team you will never have any difficulties. Also beside Azerbaijan language, the people know Russian and English mostly. So, if you know one of these language you can easily contact with the people.

The majority of people are muslim in Azerbaijan. How is the attitude for foreigners in Baku?

Azerbaijan is a multicultural country. Although the most percent of people are Muslims, but they are tolerant towards other religions and cultures. You can find synagogues, Orthodox and Catholic churchs are located in Baku city and in the regions of the country.

I want professional guide service, will you organize it?

Of course, dear guest! We will provide you with a guide who knows Baku like the back of his or her hand.

How can I be informed about all the cultural events during my vacation in Baku?

In the main page of Baku Rent you can see the section of “Upcoming Events”. Permanently we are updating the news on that section for the tourists of Baku. You can get information from that part. İf you have any other questions you can contact us with e-mail, Facebook page or number.

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